Boutwell Productions is the site of my professional portfolio.  This portfolio is the main project for my Senior Capstone class.  The NMAC 3145 section of the site contains projects created for my Digital Media Studio class, for which a website is also required.

The name Boutwell Productions has a few origins.  The most obvious explanation is that Boutwell is my last name.   However, my parents had only three girls; they had no boys to carry on the family name.  So Boutwell Productions is kind of a tribute to my dad and the family name.  Furthermore, all of my personal projects have been created by what I have historically called Boutwell Productions.  Every personal video is “produced” by Boutwell Productions.  Also, if I have a future business or become my own production studio, I want to call it Boutwell Productions.  Therefore, it only made sense, in light of these reasons, that my personal portfolio be called Boutwell Productions.

So, without further or do, Boutwell Productions, everybody!

My site contains example work of my videos, graphics, photos, and writing.  Feel free to browse and leave constructive comments.

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy!




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