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Typeface Perception

People see typefaces all day long, but the ones they actually perceive are unique in some way.  Helvetica is boring and overused, so people don’t notice it.  Some typefaces are associated with store brands, other types lend themselves to what they are selling or have a logo-like quality, while still others are used for emotional […]

Usability, Affordability, and Duration

As I was watching Objectified, I realized for the first time that everything around me is designed.  One part of the film talked about the design of a potato peeler and how designers took women with arthritis into account.  At that point, I wondered “Then why am I using that lousy potato peeler that isn’t […]

Welcome to Boutwell Productions!

Hello, Welcome to Boutwell Productions!  You have reached my personal portfolio.   The NMAC 3145 portion of the website showcases my works created for my Digital Media Studio class which focuses on graphics.  The rest of my website is a conglomeration of my works created during my college years, both for class and personal satisfaction.  Enjoy! […]

Ready-Made Media